CAOS - Computer Assisted Organic Synthesis (in Python!)

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CAOS is a useful tool for many organic chemists, but is often a hard one to use in practice. This library will seek to provide an easy method of predicting reactions.


Is available at


Are not available at this time - much of it hasn’t been implemented to the point where an example would be helpful.

Currently the registration of reaction mechanisms has been implemented, as well as performing reactions. No work on loading molecules, representing those molecules, or analying them has been completed.


  • [X] Add CI
  • [X] Add reaction registration and dispatch
  • [ ] Add loading molecules
  • [ ] Add molecule inspection
  • [ ] Add common requirements functions
  • [ ] ???

CAOS is still in early stages of development. Information will be added as it becomes available.


This is a project for my Fall 2015 DSLs class. It is loosely based off of a previous project however with the intent of being more modular, extensible, and language-like. While I can’t say much about how it should look, I can say that I’d like to eventually provide this sort of interface to users.

import my_reaction_mechanisms
from CAOS import react, load_molecule_from_file

reactant1 = load_molecule_from_file("filename.cml")
reactant2 = load_molecule_from_file("filename.smiles", type="SMILES")
products = react([reactant1, reactant2], conditions={})

I’d also like to allow users to register new reaction mechanisms and new molecular data structures in order to meet their own needs

@register_reaction_mechanism(name, requirements, molecule_type)
def diels_alder_reaction(products, conditions=None):

class DielsAlderStructure(object):

  def from_default(cls, molecule):

As these details become more firmly defined, this file will become more useful.

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